Bob The Robber 4

Bob the Robber 4 is the fourth game in the Bob the Robber series. This time, Bob has his sights set on France to make his next fortune. Traverse the corridors of various establishments finding loot, and make sure you don’t get caught!

How to Play

Play stealthily

Move through each level cautiously, avoiding security cameras and enemies who can spot you. Sometimes you’ll have to unlock doors and do other time-sensitive tasks that put you at risk of being caught! As soon as you’re through any stalling activities, move through the section and loot as many containers as you can.

Upgrade and explore

With the money you earn (cough steal), you can buy new thieving gear to make stealing easier, like a master key for all doors. There are also gadgets and gizmos to help you defeat the guards more quickly and efficiently. Explore the map and go on the robbing spree of a lifetime in France. There are plenty of unique buildings to pick out for your next robbery.

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