Neon Racer

The world of Neon Race is entirely made of neon lights! Enjoy the colorful lights as you race through the streets of this city and show others that you can be faster than the speed of light. Sharp turns, active traffic, and flashy roads will become a challenge for even the most skilled driver. Grab the steering wheel and show the cheering crowd that no amount of obstacles can stop you from reaching the finish!

Neon Race is a racing game featuring 8 levels, each with a different racing track. As the player, your objective is to finish each level as fast as you can. You’ll have to set a good time score to unlock the next level, so keep your foot on the throttle. The streets and the highways of the neon city are not free of traffic, so expect a challenge from other drivers. In each level, you’ll see two different types of vehicles, purple ones and red ones. Crashing into purple vehicles will break your control over the wheel and send you skidding into the barriers beside the road, causing you to crash and eventually blow up. You can try to regain your control, but at the highest speeds that will be quite hard. Red vehicles, on the other hand, will fill your turbo meter if you hit them. Once your turbo meter is full, you can activate it and continue your journey to the finish line at super speed. Hitting purple vehicles while using turbo will not affect you as much, so focus on the sharp turns instead. In each level, you can collect 3 power-ups. These are cash coins that you can spend on upgrading your max speed, acceleration, brakes, wheels, and turbo; bonus score coins that will award you with bonus points; and rampage tokens which makes every vehicle smashable for a limited time.

Become the fastest car in the neon city of Neon Race. Smash cars and challenge yourself to record a better time score for each level. Feeling a bit rebellious? Then travel to another world of light with another racing game in our collection, Neon Biker! And if you are looking for an original racing title, try out Potty Racers 1.


Neon Race was created by LongAnimals Games.

Release Date



  • Brightly colored neon world
  • 3 power-ups
  • 8 levels
  • 5 upgrades


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