Recoil is an aggressive game with colorful pixel graphics, in which you must take courage and mercilessly annihilate a dangerous pink virus that threatens people’s health. Aim and shoot fearlessly as you try your best to manipulate the laws of physics to your liking. Bounce, stunt and always aim in the right direction!

Be careful! A slight brush against one of the sharp spikes on the stage can lead you straight to death. Control your movements carefully and unlock weapons of all kinds with different qualities such as pistols, shotguns, revolvers, miniguns, laser beams, rifles, bows and arrows and many more. Learn how to use them by practicing and don’t waste your shots, finish the virus and have fun!

Who created Recoil?

This game was developed by Martin Magni and belongs to one of the more than 100 games and challenges on Fancade- play and enjoy!

Recoil can be also found in these platforms:


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